Jacob Lancaster

I go by Jacob or Jake. I am father to a beautiful little girl and husband to a loving wife. I am a dedicated tattoo artist with a deep love and respect for the craft. All of this is a gift from God and I give it all back to him.

In 2017 I had the opportunity to apprentice under a shop owner, Garrett, a true American traditional specialist. Tucked away in the dense pacific northwest of Shelton, WA, I learned how to draw, paint original flash, and was introduced to the art of tattooing. I also studied machine and needle building and gained a real respect for the industry as a whole. 

In late 2019 my wife and I moved the family to Texas. Though it was a rough start, by God’s grace, I met Rodney. He listened to my story and offered me grace, equipment and guidance to getting back into the craft. Not once but twice! A true testimony to who this shop owner is. 

Now here we are by Gods grace, writing a new page every day at Anomaly Lifestyle and Tattoo.