Day 37..

Using a pencil, trace the outline of a key. If this key could open any door, which door would it be?

Draw a key. Is it ordinary or is it magical? Does it open a secret door or lead to another realm? Let’s see where your imagination takes you. Write out next to your key what door it opens.

Day 36..

Dip a cotton swab or Q-tip (or a similar tool) into some paint and create a wavy sea out of little dots by dabbing the cotton swab onto the page. Dot art like this is called “pointillism.”

Day 34..

Use a pencil and ruler to divide this circle into eight wedges. Then use a pencil in your favorite color to shade one wedge as lightly as you can. Working clockwise, shade the other wedges using the same color, making each a little darker than the one before. This is called a “gradient.”

Draw a circle on your paper and divided into 8 portions, like a pizza. If you prefer, use the printable available below.

Day 33..

Look at one eye up close in a mirror and write the first three words that come to mind.

  1. _________________________________
  2. _________________________________
  3. _________________________________

Day 31..

Using a black marker, draw three ovals in the space below. Then turn each oval into a face showing a different emotion. Don’t forget the eyebrows-they show a lot about how we are feeling.