Day 70..

Using a colored marker, draw a line in this frame from one edge to another. Do the same again with a different colored marker. Continue drawing the lines, each in a different color, until you’re happy with the picture.

Draw some type of box on your paper to create a frame like the one above.

Day 69..

Design an invention that could help someone you know, like an alarm clock you have to catch, for a friend who can never get up in the morning.

Day 68..

Here is a giant bottle waiting for you to draw a whole world in it. Show what is happening above and below the ground with colored pencils.

For a printable version of this bottle, click on the button below.

Day 67..

Draw five circles inside this circle, getting smaller and smaller. These are called “concentric circles.” Use colored pencils, choosing colors that express how you feel right now. Write the feeling under the circle.


Need a circle to draw in? Try this printable below.

Day 66..

Choose a blue or purple crayon. In the first box, shade the top section of the box as dark as you can, then move down the box, making it lighter and lighter as you go. Try it again in the second box, going from light at the top, to dark at the bottom. This technique is called “Ombre.”

Check out some of these cool Ombre inspired items.

Day 65..

There are many different kinds of water: waves, drops, pools, splashes, and sprays. Practice drawing as many as you can. Think about the different colors and lines you could use for each one.

British artist David Hockney often painted water. Take a look at this Hockney-inspired example, then try drawing a similar splash yourself.

A Bigger Splash 1967 David Hockney

Day 63..

Find a picture of a bicycle and look at it for two minutes. Now draw the bicycle from memory in the space below.

If you’d like, you can use one of these images we have below.

Day 62..

Using old, used, or discarded paper and a glue sticks, make a collage of somewhere wild–is it a forest floor? A sandy desert? Or perhaps it’s in outer space?