Day 101..

Using colored markers, draw a very fancy outfit on this giraffe. When you’re happy with the outfit, color in any parts of the giraffe that aren’t covered and add details to its face.

Feel free to draw your own giraffe inspired by the one above or use the link below to print it out.

Day 99..

Listen to your favorite song. Now hum it to yourself and draw with crayons how it makes you feel.

Don’t have a favorite song? Try this one by Dua Lipa, it’s a favorite for our resident artist Catori!

Day 98…

Draw your favorite fruit and animal. Color in your drawing, but swap the colors around. For example, you could end up with a green zebra and a stripy pear!

Check out this version of an apple swapped with a cheetah!

Day 96..

Look around the room you’re in for a while. Notice how your eye jumps from one object to another, and how they follow lines. Write down the three objects your eyes kept going to the most.

Day 95..

Look at the repeating pattern below, then draw your own. Pick two shapes or objects and draw them in any order you choose. Then repeat.

Day 94..

Stained glass windows can show people and symbols as well as abstract designs. Look at the example below, then use a black marker to design your own window. Add color to both windows.

If you don’t feel like drawing your own, here is a printable of the arched window above.

Day 93..

Put an ice cube on a plate and draw it in pencil in the first box. Wait five minutes and draw the ice cube again in the second box, then wait five more minutes and draw it again in the final box. Write a word below each box that describes the picture above it.