Day 191..

You want to start a club about your favorite activity. Design a patch that expresses what your club is all about. Use colored pencils.

Draw a circle on your page or whatever it is you will be drawing on to represent your patch. Maybe even draw some stiches around the edge to make it more realistic.

Day 188..

Continue drawing smaller and smaller stars inside this star, until you can’t draw any more. Use a different colored pencil for each star you draw, or pick three colors to repeat.

You can draw your own stars, or if you’d like some help with your stars like I do, you can use the printable below.

Day 187..

Find some pictures of different animals’ eyes. Notice the variety of colors and shapes. Fill each of the circles below with a different eye. You can base them on your research or simply make them up.

We’ve done some research for you! Check out the animal eyes’ below. Now draw nine circles in rows of three in your sketchbook like the ones above. Enjoy filling them in with your own animal eyes.

Day 185..

Draw a different plant in each of the pots. Choose a variety of leaves, colors, and textures. Use a pencil and colored markers.

We have LOTS of plants around here. They add so much life to the house and bring a little bit of that outside joy, inside. Here are some of our favorites to get you inspired.