Day 293..

Create your own dot-to-dot drawing. Draw a faint shape in pencil, then add dots and numbers around the outline in pen. Erase the pencil. Now try drawing the shape again by connecting the dots.

Day 292..

American artist Mark Rothko is known for his “color field paintings.”

Try it for yourself. Pick three different crayons and copy the Rothko-inspired example below. Make the edges of the rectangles fuzzy and messy, and don’t be afraid to let the colors run over each other slightly.

Day 291..

Take a walk outside or imagine a place filled with nature. Notice all the different textures and record some here.





Don’t let these numbers stop you. Continue to record as many as you can.

Day 290..

Draw your favorite famous person from history. It could be an inventor, a scientist, an activist – just as long as they inspire you.

Here are some people that inspire me…

Frieda Kahlo
Martin Luther King Jr
Corrie Ten Boom
Maya Angelou

Day 289..

Cut some white paper into four semicircles (small enough to fit inside the square below). Use a black marker and make lots of different lines or marks on each one. Then arrange and glue them in the square.

Draw a square on your paper the size you prefer. Or for our younger artists, let them use the entire sheet as their square. Below are some examples of what you can draw or mark on your semicircles.

Window frame in semicircle shape, vector design

Day 288..

Many artists link different feelings or sounds with specific colors, shapes, and lines. Try it for yourself…

Shade and angry color…

Draw a quiet shape…

Make a silly line…