Day 345..

Think of a foggy day. Fog makes colors appear duller. Try drawing a foggy scene in dull colors such as grays, browns, whites, and dark blues. Use crayons.

Day 344..

You’re a chef and you’ve made up a new ice cream flavor. Use colored pencils to draw it. Write the name of the flavor on the card.

Draw our your own ice cream dish and name tag in your sketch book or use the link below for a printable version of the images seen above.

Day 343..

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is famous for her detailed self-portraits. She would often draw herself surrounded by a border of things that were meaningful or important to her, such as animals and flowers.

Kahlo inspired self portrait by student in Dubai

Write a list of things that are important to you. Then draw a self-portrait like the Kahlo-inspired example above. Include drawings of some of the things you listed below in your portrait.




Day 340..

Turn your sketchbook or paper upside down and, with a pencil, draw a person with their arms up. Then turn the book right side up again and add a floor to make the person be doing a handstand.

Day 339..

Look at the picture on the right. An ordinary iceberg has been transformed to show a head and face beneath the surface.

Try it yourself – transform the island in the frame below however you like.

Use this link for a printable version of the island.

Day 337..

Pick a pencil that’s the same color as your eyes. Without taking your eyes off the page, draw the movement of your eyes as you look around you – you’re taking your eyes for a walk!