Tattoo Aftercare

The Importance of After Care

We know the most important thing to do after getting a tattoo is taking care of it properly and keeping it clean. Anomaly offers a variety of all organic products that will cover all your after care needs.

Tattoo Salve

Our all natural organic tattoo salve will not only help speed up the healing process, but also keep your colors bright and skin soft.  You can continue use of this aftercare product on your tattoos to aide in longevity.

Available in 1 oz jars

Tattoo Body Wash

Our organic body wash is all natural and great for your new tattoo and beneficial to all skin types. The wash is also great as a gentle face and body wash and moisturizes your skin with essential oils.

Available in 2 oz foam pumps

Tattoo Essential Oil Spray

Sometimes your tattoo needs a refresher during the healing process. Grab one of our essential oil tattoo sprays to use on the go and keep your tattoo looking bright and fresh.

Available in 1 oz spray bottle

Each after care product retails for $12 or you can grab our three for $30 special