Day 159..

American artist Faith Ringgold is known for her story quilts. Try making your own below. Think of a story you want to tell – it could be a memory. Draw a picture that tells the story in the central rectangle, then add different patterns, shapes, and colors in the smaller rectangles to create a border.

Try drawing your own quilt to get your started or feel free to print the above images by clicking the link below.

Day 157..

What would a goldfish look like if it were living on land? Draw your version in the pace below.

When reading this I couldn’t help but immediately think of the goldfish from Dr. Seuss. Somehow that fishe managed to live at the top of his water bowl, have conversations with humans (& a cat) and go on some of the wildest adventures without ever even spilling any water from his bowl. Amazing.

Let’s see what comes to your mind.

Day 156..

With a pencil, draw the elements of a face (eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, ears) in the middle of the box. (or paper) Then create the shape of the head by filling in the background with lines that end where the edge of the head starts.

Your picture should end up looking something like this.

Day 155..

You’re invited to a costume party. Draw your outfit here.

This day’s art activity comes right on time considering we are a little over a month away from Halloween. From babies to the elderly, we see people of all ages and walks of life dressed in costumes to the join in the season’s festivities. Get creative with this costume. Even if it’s one that may never become a reality, allow yourself to think outside the box and dream a little. Enjoy some of these cool looks we found..

Day 153..

Give these colors the best descriptive name you can think of. Try not to use the actual name in your description. For example, violet could be called “juicy grape.” Think hard!

Day 152..

Known for her colorful landscape paintings, American artist Joan Mitchell filled her canvases with frenzied brushstrokes.

Joan Mitchell, To the Harbormaster, 1957.

Try painting like Mitchell. Using paint and a small paintbrush, fill the frame using quick, short brushstrokes in all directions and plenty of color. Use this Mitchell painting as an example to help.

If you don’t have a canvas at home and are going to paint in your sketchbook, use the entire page as your frame. Or you can use the printable below for the image of a blank canvas to paint on.

Day 151..

What was the most memorable thing you saw today? Why was it memorable? Write your answers here:

I know this may not seem very artsy, just writing down what you saw, but I think the focus is more on the image of that moment. Something about that moment was noticed by you, the image is still there if you close your eyes. What were the details that caught your eye? If you are like me and just need to create, draw the image you remember after writing your answer.

Day 150..

Fill this square by choosing a single letter and drawing it repeatedly in different sizes, directions, and styles until there’s no more room.

Since we are doing this in our own sketch books, you can either draw a square on our sheet or use your entire page! Have fun with it, maybe use different mediums or colors.