Day 279..

Complete the doodle below.

Draw a squiggle line in the bottom right hand corner of your page in sketch book. Perhaps try to replicate the one seen above. Now turn that squiggle into something else and complete the drawing.

Day 275..

Create a sculpture by piling a few different objects on top of each other. Use small, sturdy objects – nothing too fragile in case they topple over. When you’re satisfied with your sculpture, sketch it in pencil.

Day 274..

Find some string, ribbon, or a similar item and place it in front of you. Make sure that it loops in a way that you like. Draw it in pencil below. Look for dark and light areas to shade in.

Day 273..

Follow the steps to draw a picture of a road winding into the mountains. Use a pencil

  1. Draw the horizon line, road, and road marking.
  2. Add in trees – large ones in front – and make them smaller as you work back.
  3. Add mountains, clouds, and color.

Day 271..

Design your very own car. Is it based on one in real life or is it a fantastical invention?

Maybe it flies and looks something like this…

Or looks somewhat like a dragon..

Get creative and see what you can come up with.

Day 270..

Rename the objects below. The new names should be inspired by what the objects look like. You could use combinations of the words that already exist, or invent brand-new ones.