Day 365..

I can’t believe we’ve made it!! We have stretched our brains, been creative, decreased anxiety and found a peaceful place with our daily art activities. Thank you to everyone who joined in, even if it was just for a day. The great thing about a blog is you can go back and any time and do any of the daily activities over again! We will be exploring some new ways to engage in art together over the next year, but for now, let’s celebrate all we have accomplished in the last year!

Artists sign their work so the world can recognize it. Finish this art journal by signing your name!

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(artist sign here)

Congratulations on completing MY YEAR OF ART!

Day 364..

Using a colored pencil, fill in the spaces between the branches. These areas are the “negative space” (the background) and the branches are the “positive space” (the focal point of the image).

Click link to print off tree branches above.

Day 362..

British collage artist Peter Blake is inspired by popular culture. His art often includes pictures of famous people and symbols.

Try it yourself. Find different symbols, faces, or objects in an old magazine, then cut them to size and glue them in the empty grid. Take a look at the Blake-inspired example to help you.

Divide your sheet of paper into four squares to create a grid or use link to print a grid.

Day 361..

With a pencil, copy the picture into an empty box, but replace all the round shapes with other circular things, such as eyeballs, wheels of cheese, oranges…

Day 360..

Look at this picture. Using colored pencils, make one side daytime and one side nighttime.

If you like, try and replicate this scene in your sketchbook or get really creative and come of with your own scene. If you prefer, you can use link to print image above.

Day 356..

Draw a self portrait. Then look back to activity 1 and compare the two.

If you’ve been on this art journey with us from the beginning, then you might remember our very first day of art was a self portrait. If you have your sketchbook, take a look back and compare it your portrait from today. If you weren’t with us on day 1, no worries! Go ahead and draw your self portrait today and continue this year of art with us. You can loop back around to day 1 next month and start from the beginning!