Day 261..

Write down what your biggest dream is inside the cloud, then color it however you like.

Draw a picture of a large cloud in your sketchbook like the one above.

Day 260..

American artist Jeff Koons is famous for his sculptures of giant balloon animals. They are made from stainless steel (not actual balloons!). Try drawing some yourself. Use bold and bright colors.

Day 254..

Take a slice of carrot, or another vegetable, and press it onto an ink pad. Print a pattern in this space, then add details and color with markers.

If you don’t have an ink pad, try using some paint like you see in the image above.

Day 253..

Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting “starry night” shows stars twinkling in a night sky. His swirling lines gives the illusion that the stars are moving. Follow the steps to draw some stars like he did. Fill the space with them.

  1. Start with a small circle.
  2. Add dashes swirling around it.