Glen Ayers

” Art has no rules… that can be the enemy to some artist, you know.”    ~  Glen Ayers

Glen is an extremely talented artist who has been creative as far back as he remembers. As a Vietnam vet, Glen remembers creating art work with coal and ripped sheets of tarp during the war. The images and works he created while there can be seen at times in various venues on display. Spending much of his adult life in New Mexico, Glen learned he wasn’t limited to one specific kind medium. He learned how to take rocks from the Grand Rio river, along with some recycled items to create amazing and thought provoking pieces. Glen also served as President of the Plano Art Association for a time and is still involved in local art shows. He loves to talk about the different forms of art and what inspires it. Glen is also well known for his ‘big footed angels’ paintings which quickly became a fan favorite. Glen has many works displayed inside Anomaly Tattoo and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch him there from time to time, enjoying a coffee & some conversation.

For more of Glen art work and daily quotes, check out his Instagram account.