Anomaly Apprentice

On any given day, you will find our latest upcoming artist Jaylani at the shop. Whether he is cleaning, answering phones, helping run errands or drawing, he is hard at work. This guy is a lover of anime and is eager to advance his art skills and learn all he can about the tattoo industry and how to be a successful entrepreneur. If you have any questions about the tattoo process, shop minimums, which artist may be the one for you, Jaylani is the guy to talk to. Don’t let his stoic voice fool you, this guy is full of life and ready to share his gift with the world. Call the shop anytime and ask for Jaylani if you are needing guidance about your tattoo or have any questions.

We are always open to mentoring new and upcoming artist and their passion to create. Apprenticeships are taken very seriously at Anomaly and require hard work and commitment. It is not for someone seeking instant gratification or a quick route to becoming a tattoo artist. The return on your investment will be well worth your time and you will be a confident and successful artist when your apprenticeship is complete. Only serious and hard working artist need to inquire.