Day 139..

Roll up a piece of paper like a telescope. Look around the room or place you’re in. Stop when you spot a good view and draw it in the circle below.

Draw a large circle on your paper or in your sketchbook.

Day 137..

Using a colored marker, make a ring around each of the dots in this circle. Continue making more rings, in different colors, getting larger each time, until you reach the edge of the outside circle.

Recreate the above circle and dots in your sketchbook or use the link below to print it.

Day 34..

Use a pencil and ruler to divide this circle into eight wedges. Then use a pencil in your favorite color to shade one wedge as lightly as you can. Working clockwise, shade the other wedges using the same color, making each a little darker than the one before. This is called a “gradient.”

Draw a circle on your paper and divided into 8 portions, like a pizza. If you prefer, use the printable available below.