Day 319..

Flick through an old magazine and cut out some thin strips of pages that you like. Glue the strips down inside these clothes to create a unique outfit. Don’t be afraid to combine clashing colors or patterns.

Sketch your own garments or use the link for a printable version of the blanks above.

Day 288..

Many artists link different feelings or sounds with specific colors, shapes, and lines. Try it for yourself…

Shade and angry color…

Draw a quiet shape…

Make a silly line…

Day 188..

Continue drawing smaller and smaller stars inside this star, until you can’t draw any more. Use a different colored pencil for each star you draw, or pick three colors to repeat.

You can draw your own stars, or if you’d like some help with your stars like I do, you can use the printable below.

Day 162..

South African artist Esther Mahlangu is known for her colorful geometric paintings. Her work is inspired by her culture. Make your own geometric art like Mahlangu in the frame below. Try to use shapes and colors that are meaningful to you. Use these Mahlangu examples to help inspire you.

The one and only Esther Mahlangu.

Day 81..

Write down what colors these words make you think of:

WARM: ___________________________________________________________

WET: ______________________________________________________________

FROSTY: __________________________________________________________

COOL: ____________________________________________________________

Day 45..

Look out through a window and list six different colors you see.

Don’t have a window near or maybe have one with a really bad view? Have fun borrowing one of these.