Day 356..

Draw a self portrait. Then look back to activity 1 and compare the two.

If you’ve been on this art journey with us from the beginning, then you might remember our very first day of art was a self portrait. If you have your sketchbook, take a look back and compare it your portrait from today. If you weren’t with us on day 1, no worries! Go ahead and draw your self portrait today and continue this year of art with us. You can loop back around to day 1 next month and start from the beginning!

Day 1..

Start this art journal by drawing a portrait of yourself.

A self portrait is a great way to start off our year of art together! How you choose to draw yourself is completely up to you. Realistic, anime, cubism, wherever your imagination takes you. Remember there is no right or wrong way to draw yourself. Use your medium of choice on this one, whether that’s a pencil or paint or you choose to mixed them, just have fun. See some of the various ways others have drawn themselves.

If you are a younger person or would just like some guidance, click on link below for a printable outline to help you get started.