Day 240..

Design a fancy pair of glasses for a rock star. Use colored pencils and markers. You could add jewels, patterns, tassels, colored glass – the choice is yours.

If you’d like a simple pair of glasses to start your creative process with, you can use link below to print one for your sketchbook.

Day 137..

Using a colored marker, make a ring around each of the dots in this circle. Continue making more rings, in different colors, getting larger each time, until you reach the edge of the outside circle.

Recreate the above circle and dots in your sketchbook or use the link below to print it.

Day 128..

Fill in the square below with a white crayon. Then use a pale blue marker to color over the top of the white square. The crayon will resist the marker.

Day 54..

Dip a finger in your favorite colored paint and use it to write a word in the space. Once the paint has dried, use markers to add colorful details and doodles around the letters.

Avoid smudges! Keep your book open until the paint has dried.