Day 226..

Using a pencil, draw a portrait of the hairiest thing you have ever seen or imagined.

Here are some images to jog your memory or get your imagination going..

Day 225..

Dragons breathe fire and whales spurt water. But today is opposites day! Draw water spraying from the dragon’s mouth and fire shooting up from the whale’s blowhole. Then color in the creatures.

Try to recreate the images of whale and dragon in your sketchbook. Or you can use link below for a printable version of both.

Day 224..

Chinese artist Al Weiwei once filled the floor of a whole room in an art gallery with millions of porcelain sunflower seeds. He chose sunflower seeds because they reminded him of his country and his childhood. What object would you pick? Draw the object and explain what it means to you.

Day 220..

Pick an object to draw. Now set a timer for five minutes and use a pencil to draw the object in as much detail as you can. Stop when the timer goes off.

Don’t have anything near to draw? Try and see if you can draw these cherries in 5 mins or les..

Day 216..

Create a rocket ship that you’ll fly to the moon. Draw it with a black marker and use crayons for color.