Tooth Gems

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What is a tooth gem?

A lead free Swarovski crystal of various colors and/or sizes that is bonded to a tooth or teeth of choice. This can also include various designs using multiple gems.

How does the gem stay on the tooth?

We use the same flow and bonding adhesive dentist use to adhere braces to the teeth.

How long does a tooth gem last?

A tooth gem can last around 6 weeks to 2 years depending upon how well they are cared for afterwards. Avoiding sticky or hard foods around the gem and proper dental care will help with longevity.

What happens if my tooth gem falls off and I accidentally swallow it?

All of our tooth gems are lead free and will be discarded via your stool when using the bathroom with no hard done to your body.

What if I want my tooth gem removed before it naturally falls off?

All dentists and hygienists are familiar with the tooth gem process and can have it removed from tooth with a sanding and shine within less than 15 minutes. It is a very quick, easy and pain free process.

Can I still get my teeth cleaned and whitened with a tooth gem?

Absolutely! Your dentist will be able to easily clean and whiten around your gem with ease.

Is there any aftercare with my tooth gem?

Yes, you will be given an aftercare card with instructions once you have received your tooth gem service. Here is what that aftercare consist of:

  • Do NOT eat food for one hour after receiving your tooth gem has been applied
  • Do NOT brush your teeth for 12 hours after the gem application
  • Eat only soft foods for the first 24 hours
  • Do not consume any sticky or hard foods for a minimum of the first 48 hours
  • You can drink water immediately, but avoid drinks such as coffee, tea or soda
  • Do NOT smoke of vape for the next 12 hours
  • Do NOT pick or play with your tooth gem as this will loosen its adhesive
  • Do NOT use and electric tooth brush on your gem
  • Remember to brush and floss twice a day but be gentle around your gems

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