Day 94..

Stained glass windows can show people and symbols as well as abstract designs. Look at the example below, then use a black marker to design your own window. Add color to both windows.

If you don’t feel like drawing your own, here is a printable of the arched window above.

Day 93..

Put an ice cube on a plate and draw it in pencil in the first box. Wait five minutes and draw the ice cube again in the second box, then wait five more minutes and draw it again in the final box. Write a word below each box that describes the picture above it.

Day 91..

Look around you. Are there any places that are full of light and others that are dark? Write down the lightest and darkest areas.



Day 90..

Use colored pencils and fill in the picture. Color the balloon with vertical lines; use horizontal lines for the sky and diagonal lines for the sun.

You can draw your own version of the above image or use the link below to print it off.

Day 88..

Make a small doodle in the first box with a marker. Draw the same doodle again in the next two boxes, using a different color for each one. You could use a different medium for each one too, such as a pencil and a crayon.

Draw three separate empty boxes on your sheet. If you would rather have a printable for your binder, use the link below.