Anomaly Apprentice

Jacob Lancaster

Jacob Lancaster is a dedicated artist who loves American Traditional artwork and its roots. He grew up in a small town in Washington State, where he got most of his life experiences. As a young boy Jacob developed a serious stutter, which helped developed one of his greatest habits and coping Mechanisms of his life, drawing and doodling. He started drawing and doodling all the time to avoid conversation. Drawing became an escape from the real world. It wasn’t just an escape. It became another way to express what was in his mind, and how to release it. Jacob is a long-time artist but a new tattooer. He strives to become a well rounded tattooer and an American Traditional specialist, but most important of all he strives to be a great Father and partner to support his young family.

Sean Spiotti

Sean is a great guy and always around the shop to help out.  Young and eager to learn, you’ll find him drawing, cleaning, dealing with clients and helping artists.  If you have any questions about the shop, artists or bookings, call 469-969-2690 and ask for Sean.