Day 19..

Look at a glass filled with ice cubes. Notice all the colors in the glass. Write them down.

If you don’t have access to a glass of ice, use one of the pictures below for your inspiration. What colors do you see? Are they shades of grey and white or are there vibrant colors reflecting off what’s around it? After writing down all the colors you see, you might want to use those same colors to mark on your page or even try drawing the ice with them.

Day 18..

What is your mood today? Use a colored pencil to shade this box in a color that reflects how you feel. Then write a word that describes your mood on top of the color with a marker.

Draw a square on your paper. It may be large box or small one, depends on what your mood is. What color are you feeling? Now let your mood soak into the box and name it.

Day 16..

Imagine a windy day. What can you see? Draw it in the space below.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a windy day? Is it the joys of flying a kite or perhaps leaves blowing all around? Or is it a heavier and stronger wind that brings chaos with it? Let your pencil go wherever the wind takes you..

Day 15..

Think about the animal you invented in activity 14. Where does it live? Draw it in its habitat.

Is your creature a domestic animal or maybe live in the city? Or is your creature a wild one that lives with no boundaries? Does it dwell among the top of the mountain peaks or the depths of the ocean?

Here are some pictures of different habitats from around the world to get your imagination going.

Day 14

Make up an imaginary animal by combining two or three or your favorite animals. Draw it with colored pencils and name it.

Ancient cultures from around the world have tales of such creatures and we still see them now in our modern day books and fantasy movies. Now it’s your turn to be the artist, your turn to open up your imagination and create a hybrid of some sort. What animals will you choose? Here are some for inspiration.

Day 13..

Pretend it’s your birthday and you can have any kind of cake you like. Draw it on your paper. Use a pencil and add color with markers.

Day 12..

Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky believed that color and shapes could express feelings and sounds. In one painting he drew a grid full of colorful circles. Take a look at the Kandinsky-inspired example below, then use crayons to create your own version. Experiment with the shapes of your circles and add color to the background of each square. Think about how each color and shape makes you feel.

Draw a grid on your paper or use the free printable below.

Day 11..

Look at your thumbprint and draw it.

Did you know that fingerprints are an individual characteristic and no two people have the exact same fingerprint pattern? Wow, that is a LOT of different patterns. And it will remain the same throughout your entire life span. Knowing these things makes me look at my fingerprint a little differently. It’s like my own signature pattern made and created just for me. How the lines arch, where they end and how some seem to almost intersect before they take a deep dive the other direction. Wavy, long, curvy lines…how does your fingerprint add up?

If you have a little one joining you today, they can always explore their fingerprints and turn it into art as well. Let them use a stamp pad or color their fingertips with marker. Now use that finger(s) to make fingerprints all over your page. Now see if they can turn their fingerprints into something else like a flower or maybe a caterpillar!

Day 10..

Watch the sunset or find a picture of one and count how many different colors you see. Write them down.

I love to watch the sun set and rise, but I can’t remember the last time I was intentional about being still and really observing it. Counting it’s colors and the various shades as they gently fade into one another. The sky is one big canvas where God gets to display his mind blowing artistic ability every moment of every day. How lucky for us that we get to enjoy the beauty and work of his mighty hands.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

– Psalm 19:1

check out these beautiful unfiltered images of a sunset