Day 179..

Add all the elements of a face to this head – but rearrange them so they appear in different places. You could put the nose on the forehead or draw the eyes on the cheeks – it’s up to you.

Draw an oval for the head in your sketchbook or print image above if you prefer.

Day 178..

Take a coin or a paper clip and place it behind your paper. Make sure it’s placed directly under the rectangle on your sheet. Then, using a pencil or a crayon, rub the page over the top of the object. Do this a few times – you should see the outline of the object appear. This technique is called “frottage.”

Day 176..

Draw the crown you’d wear if you were a queen or king. Glue on piece of flattened tinfoil to add some shine if you like. You can also add color to the tinfoil with markers.

Day 175..

Look closely at a piece of fruit that is cut in half. Draw all the shape you can see.

Here are some cool fruits you don’t typically see lying around the average kitchen or kid’s lunch box. Check out the insides! I love the variety and the creativeness here. God is so cool like that. Hidden inside, some to never even be opened or eaten, yet they all contain a work of art inside just the same. The Creator loves beauty and it is evident in all of his creations. Leaves my heart smiling in this moment.

Day 174..

Choose a letter of the alphabet. Look for this letter in a variety of old magazines and newspapers. Cut out three different versions of the letter that you like and glue them here.

Day 173..

Fill this empty jar with colorful candies. Use colored pencils and a black marker to outline them. Count them up when you’ve finished. How many are there? Write the number on a piece of candy.

Click below for printable.