Faith Driven Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurs often navigate unique challenges while holding onto their faith values, but what about those who work in unconventional work spaces like tattoo shops?”

Recently, Rodney & Sara had the pleasure of joining the Faith Driven Entrepreneur podcast to talk about all the things. They discuss challenges they have faced over the years, how they see the Christian community responding to tattoos and their shop, what the bible has to say about tattoos and the people they get to meet and minister to along the way. The Carreras love to see how God is using them right where they are and how they are in a unique position to be a light in a dark world.

Check out the full episode below:

Day 340..

Turn your sketchbook or paper upside down and, with a pencil, draw a person with their arms up. Then turn the book right side up again and add a floor to make the person be doing a handstand.

Day 339..

Look at the picture on the right. An ordinary iceberg has been transformed to show a head and face beneath the surface.

Try it yourself – transform the island in the frame below however you like.

Use this link for a printable version of the island.

Day 337..

Pick a pencil that’s the same color as your eyes. Without taking your eyes off the page, draw the movement of your eyes as you look around you – you’re taking your eyes for a walk!

Day 334..

Fill in the peacock’s tail. You could find a picture and copy it so it is realistic, or you could make it up and use unexpected colors and patterns.