Day 340..

Turn your sketchbook or paper upside down and, with a pencil, draw a person with their arms up. Then turn the book right side up again and add a floor to make the person be doing a handstand.

Day 339..

Look at the picture on the right. An ordinary iceberg has been transformed to show a head and face beneath the surface.

Try it yourself – transform the island in the frame below however you like.

Use this link for a printable version of the island.

Day 337..

Pick a pencil that’s the same color as your eyes. Without taking your eyes off the page, draw the movement of your eyes as you look around you – you’re taking your eyes for a walk!

Day 334..

Fill in the peacock’s tail. You could find a picture and copy it so it is realistic, or you could make it up and use unexpected colors and patterns.