Day 322..

Be a copycat! First copy the cat with a black marker. Then copy the cat with a black crayon. Draw a star next to the version you prefer.

Day 289..

Cut some white paper into four semicircles (small enough to fit inside the square below). Use a black marker and make lots of different lines or marks on each one. Then arrange and glue them in the square.

Draw a square on your paper the size you prefer. Or for our younger artists, let them use the entire sheet as their square. Below are some examples of what you can draw or mark on your semicircles.

Window frame in semicircle shape, vector design

Day 94..

Stained glass windows can show people and symbols as well as abstract designs. Look at the example below, then use a black marker to design your own window. Add color to both windows.

If you don’t feel like drawing your own, here is a printable of the arched window above.

Day 49..

Listen to some music. Use a black marker to draw lines that represent the music.

Don’t know what to listen to? Try Chain Smoking by Jacob Banks..