Day 345..

Think of a foggy day. Fog makes colors appear duller. Try drawing a foggy scene in dull colors such as grays, browns, whites, and dark blues. Use crayons.

Day 292..

American artist Mark Rothko is known for his “color field paintings.”

Try it for yourself. Pick three different crayons and copy the Rothko-inspired example below. Make the edges of the rectangles fuzzy and messy, and don’t be afraid to let the colors run over each other slightly.

Day 178..

Take a coin or a paper clip and place it behind your paper. Make sure it’s placed directly under the rectangle on your sheet. Then, using a pencil or a crayon, rub the page over the top of the object. Do this a few times – you should see the outline of the object appear. This technique is called “frottage.”

Day 99..

Listen to your favorite song. Now hum it to yourself and draw with crayons how it makes you feel.

Don’t have a favorite song? Try this one by Dua Lipa, it’s a favorite for our resident artist Catori!