Day 11..

Look at your thumbprint and draw it.

Did you know that fingerprints are an individual characteristic and no two people have the exact same fingerprint pattern? Wow, that is a LOT of different patterns. And it will remain the same throughout your entire life span. Knowing these things makes me look at my fingerprint a little differently. It’s like my own signature pattern made and created just for me. How the lines arch, where they end and how some seem to almost intersect before they take a deep dive the other direction. Wavy, long, curvy lines…how does your fingerprint add up?

If you have a little one joining you today, they can always explore their fingerprints and turn it into art as well. Let them use a stamp pad or color their fingertips with marker. Now use that finger(s) to make fingerprints all over your page. Now see if they can turn their fingerprints into something else like a flower or maybe a caterpillar!