Day 288..

Many artists link different feelings or sounds with specific colors, shapes, and lines. Try it for yourself…

Shade and angry color…

Draw a quiet shape…

Make a silly line…

Day 197..

Hatching and crosshatching are techniques used to create tone and shade by drawing parallel lines. Practice the techniques by repeating each step.

Here are some various approaches to crosshatching and step by step visual.

See how these artist implemented crosshatching into their drawing.

Now try it out yourself!

Day 96..

Look around the room you’re in for a while. Notice how your eye jumps from one object to another, and how they follow lines. Write down the three objects your eyes kept going to the most.

Day 70..

Using a colored marker, draw a line in this frame from one edge to another. Do the same again with a different colored marker. Continue drawing the lines, each in a different color, until you’re happy with the picture.

Draw some type of box on your paper to create a frame like the one above.

Day 44..

Dip a paintbrush in some paint and practice making lots of different marks, lines, and swirls. Try using a few different brushes too.

Avoid smudges! Keep this book open until the paint has dried.

Day 2..

Close your eyes. What do you see? Draw the colors and shapes.

Shapes, colors, many things we see behind closed eyes and today we get to explore those. Put some fun music on or sit in silence, close your eyes, and take a few long deep breaths. What do you see? Is it dark or is it light? Do you see any shapes? Perhaps images containing a lot of colors and shapes. Grab some colorful utensils and let your mind explore as your shapes and colors begin to find their place on your paper and your lines take shape. Here is some inspiration for you.