Day 285..

Draw a horizon line low down in the frame. Now yo have a big sky. Imagine and draw what is happening. Use colored pencils.

Draw a frame in your sketchbook, or feel free to download and print the image above.

Day 284..

Imagine something or someone floating on this cloud. Draw what you see with a pencil and use crayons to add color.

Draw a cloud on your sheet anyway you like, then add to the top your cloud and image of something or someone.

Day 281..

What do you think of when you hear the word “air”? Draw it in your sketchbook.

So this one made me pause for a second. I had to think…what image comes to mind when I hear the word “air”? I immediately thought of a deep breath and lungs. Then my curiosity peaked so I headed to google and typed in the word “air”. Here are some of the images that came up. Are any of these what came to YOUR mind?

Day 279..

Complete the doodle below.

Draw a squiggle line in the bottom right hand corner of your page in sketch book. Perhaps try to replicate the one seen above. Now turn that squiggle into something else and complete the drawing.