Day 313..

French-American artist Louise Bourgeois once created an enormous sculpture of a spider. She though spiders were loveable, protective creatures. Use a black pen to draw a spider with long, spindly legs towering above the figure in the frame.

Draw a curious someone looking up at your large spider, or use the image above by clicking link.

Day 309..

A “bird’s-eye view” perspective means looking directly down at something from above. Finish this bird’s-eye view of a day at the beach.

Draw your own bird’s-eye view of a beach scene on your paper, or use the link below to print the image above.

Day 306..

With a pencil, draw a small picture of your head at the top of the rectangle. Now draw yourself a new and wacky body. It could be the body of a robot, or be made up of household items, such as a washing machine.

Draw a rectangle in your sketchbook or choose to use the entire page as your rectangle.